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Kipinästä Liekki – From Spark to Flame!

Finn Spark grants

Finn Spark is committed to fostering cultural and educational growth and supporting causes for seniors and children in the U.S. and Finland. Our annual Christmas Bazaar fundraising event significantly contributes to the grants we offer.

We welcome applications exclusively from non-profit organizations. Individual applicants are not eligible for these grants.

To apply, please submit a letter detailing your organization's mission and how the grant funds will be utilized to further your goals.

Important Dates for 2024:

• Application deadline: January 31st, 2024
• Review period: February, 2024
• Decision announcement: March, 2024
• Grant distribution: April/May, 2024

Recipients must submit a brief report on fund utilization within one year of receiving the grant.

We look forward to your applications and the opportunity to support your valuable work.

Please email your application to


Finn Spark members have awarded the following organizations grants in support of their charitable and educational services:


Finnish Language School Association (FLSA)

Suomikoulu DC

Virtasalmi Art Exhibits

Lanesville Finnish American Theatre

Erityislasten Omaiset

Henkiiko ry

Kirsikoti ry

Kivajat Dancers in Michigan

Soiva Music Camp

Finnish American Heritage Center

Community Pelimannit

The Nordic Heritage Museum 

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